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i need an opinion

I know this seems pretty damn lame, but my friend is having a themed costume party. The them of course is NIN or Trent. You have to dress up as a song title/lyric from any of Reznor's work. It's pretty simple (but not simple enough for me apparently), I'll give you a few examples of what my friends are doing:

1. big man with a big gun (that's sort of self-explanatory)
2. collector (sticking one of those magic collector cards to his forehead *rolls eyes*)
3. star fucker (attaching a paper mache star to the groin of his pants. heh.)
4. god wrapped in cellophane (see 1)

can anyone think of a costume for me? It's kinda short notice, i know, but any ideas would be lovely.


p.s: x-posted to some other lj's.
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