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just a reflection

Calling all of my fello NIN lovers, I need your advice.
Buying two books on NIN from amazon.com and am exactly the price of either Closer to God or Fixed away from free shipping. Obviously going to add one of them to my cart for the free shipping + another cd to add to my collection. Here's where I need your help, which of the two would be a better buy? I have all the NIN cds that are needed to have atleast one version of each song, so this is basically for the versions.
Reminding you guys, like you'd somehow forget:
Closer to God:
1. closer to god
2. closer (precursor)
3. closer (deviation)
4. heresy (blind)
5. memorabilia
6. closer (internal)
7. march of the fuckheads
8. closer (further away)
9. closer
1 gave up (remixed)
2 wish (remixed)
3 happiness in slavery (remixed)
4 throw this away
5 fist fuck
6 screaming slave

Thanks so much for your input, I know I can trust all of you with this question.
(No, I can't afford to buy both so getting only one of the two is the only option)
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